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With the help of African Ancestry, Sierra Leone descendants can recover their history and reconnect with their culture.

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Now that you know, its time to go home. We provide a central resource for you to plan your travel to your ancestral homeland.

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Prepare for a life changing experience in visiting the beautiful and rich culture as well as the amazing people of Sierra Leone.

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We are returning home

Roots N Salone Tours is a major landmark spiritual and birth-right journey inviting the Sierra Leonean Descendants in the Diaspora to return home after 400 years of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in America. The enslavement of Africans was a sordid and sad period, when our kin were forcefully taken away from Africa into years of deprivation, humiliation and torture. But on April 23, 2019 marked a special return of Sierra Leone Descendants across the United States back to Sierra Leone. “Salone Ancestry Homecoming” celebrates the cumulative resilience of all the victims of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and the wish for descendants to one day to fulfill their ancestors dreams of returning home to Sierra Leone, also known as Salone.

quick facts

  • Sierra Leone’s name derives from “Sierra Lyoa” meaning Lion Mountains
  • The capital, Freetown, was founded as a home for repatriated former enslaved Africans in 1787
  • Sierra Leone gained its independence April 27, 1961
  • There are 16 ethnic groups in Sierra Leone including the Mende,  Temne, Limba, and Krio people

Sierra Leone Flag

Cotton Tree 

This majestic tree stands in the center of the oldest part in Freetown and is the most visible landmark in the city. The “Cotton Tree” gained importance in 1792 as a symbol of freedom is said to have been standing since the first arrival of the free settlers rested, prayed and danced to celebrate their freedom and return to Africa.

Travel Facts

  • All persons entering Sierra Leone must have a valid passport
  • A Sierra Leone Visa with Yellow Fever Vaccination Required for Entry
  • Currency: Sierra Leonean Leone (SSL)
  • Time Difference: +4 hours (from EST)
  • English is widely spoken in Freetown though Krio and tribal languages are more prevalent in the countryside

Sierra Leone Culture


Freetown is so named for a reason. Land bought from local Temne chiefs in the late 18th century became the new home for resettled freed slaves from Britain and North America. It is the oldest capital to be founded by African Americans and is noted for its unique Creole architecture reflecting American and Caribbean influences.

Mama Salone

  • ‘Salone’ is a nickname created for pride and  national identity.
  • Other names for Salone are ‘Mama Salone’ and ‘Sweet Salone’
  • The most commonly eaten food in Sierra Leone is rice, stews, cassava leaves and a popular drink of palm wine (or poyo)
  • Music and dance are of a huge importance to Sierra Leoneans
  • Salone has some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa

Sierra Leone

Beautiful Landscapes 

Sierra Leone is nature’s master stroke, which is endowed with beauty in abundance and has some of the most incredible beaches in Africa. Sierra Leone exudes a charm of its own with a unique culture of beautiful mountains, rivers, water falls, and luscious vegitation to match.